Audio Post Production

We offer specific audio post services, including film scoring, ADR recording (Automated Dialogue Replacement, also called lip-synching or looping), Walla, sound editing, sound-design, mix-to-pic, sweetening, and preprint mastering (for film).

Dubbing, ADR & VO

One of Clear Perceptions’ important collaborators has been the educational/didactic publishing industry, for which we provide voiceover recording services and complete turnkey projects such as identifying and hiring voice talents, scheduling recording sessions and deliverables, and coordinating and carrying out all audio production aspects.

ISDN & Phone-Patch

We own a Telos Zephyr Xstream system for ISDN connectivity. If direct hand-shaking isn't a viable option, we can link via EDnet bridge.

Mixing and Premastering

This is where our ears are really in the spotlight. And they take their "diva" role very seriously!

Original Music

Original music in film and television is often dubbed the “salt” of the project – a fundamental element that is generally only perceived at an unconscious level, as audience members are usually more focused on the action and dialogue on the screen. However, its lack of existence would trigger one’s consciousness and consequently wane the outcome. Consciously or unconsciously, the right soundtrack can elevate the communication power to soaring proportions.

5.1 Surround

A revolution is currently underway in the audio industry. At Clear Perceptions, we feel very passionate about the new directions that the audio experience is taking. Whether it’s recording and producing surround music that can be experienced with the realistic psychoacoustic impression of "being there" or creating a unique virtual experience, Surround has proven that it’s much more than an enhanced audio experience.


For our clients, Clear Perceptions provides access to both wireless and wired broadband Internet connections. And in case you forget to bring your laptop, there is one at your disposal in the studio for your own personal use throughout the project.


We offer client access to our FTP server, at no additional cost, for immediate download of finished projects or previews of ongoing productions needing approval. We will gladly setup a client access account on request.